Our products are manufactured to ISO standards and sold as such, where applicable.

The International Organisation for Standardisation is one of the internationally recognised bodies that develop and ensure the standardisation of products.

Another global organisation is ASTM International. Their standards are similar to ISO, but differ slightly.

For example, ISO 3819 standard for the width of the body of a 250ml beaker is 70mm +/-5, and a maximum height of 97mm, whilst the standard for the ASTM E960-93(2021) is 68 mm +/-2 and the height 100mm. USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards for volumetrics are different again, and the most exacting of them all.

There are national standards, international standards, and in-house company standards. All of them seek to achieve the same goal; that of consistent product that performs the task that it is designed to do.

We pay attention to standards.